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Types of dog traction rope
2017-06-16 09:07:03

Types of traction ropes:

1. collar

The material is divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic leather, leather made of leather collar used for a long time, and the dog dog close to the skin, body fat will sink in, cortex will shine and softness, enhanced toughness will increase, life will be longer. But small dogs do not have to use the cortex, and the traditional bell rings can also be used.

2. Harness

Almost every kind of chest strap will be in the chest with a dog around the design circle, and the front area in front of abdomen with a ring at the same time, back in the center of the connection point of rendezvous rope mostly near the shoulder blade on the back of the top position.

3. straps

The evolved version of the chest strap is often seen in large and medium-sized dogs. The first is to add one in the middle of the two circles, and place it at the lower skeleton; the second is a chest strap with two skeletons up and down. Because with the support of chest strap, as long as the length adjustment in the dog docile body, almost never get rid of the situation. At the same time, parents in the process of pulling the dog, the intensity can also be evenly dispersed in the chest and abdomen.

4. iron chain, also called the P chain"

P word chain has the thickness of the points, according to the dog's shape to choose the right to wear, use P word chain, the most important thing is the correct way to wear. If the person on the right and left the position in the dog, the dog must help when worn, the chain shaped like an "P" and so on, only the direction of applying force; if a "mouth" shape, direction is completely wrong, you pull on the dog's neck will be beam death, improper use, or even let the dog's tracheal injury. Of course, if the person is on the left, the dog is on the right, then wear it back and put it in "Q" shape. Use the word chain in addition to the direction of the chain and dog position is correct, but also always pay attention to the degree of lubrication of the chain, otherwise, it is easy to hurt the dog.

The main function of P is not the word chain let the dog pain, it focuses on the "moment", when used to quickly and accurately, is mainly to the rapid pull chain tightening moment, let the dog feels uncomfortable, at the same time in the chain of the moment touched the dog to stop, as people with a sword contest. Point. Also because the use of P word chain must be very careful, a little careless will hurt the dog, and if the dog is timid nature, or dog relationship has not been established, do not use. Before use, be sure to consult an expert, and put the P word chain on your arm, practice several times, master the trick, and then use it on the dog.

5.headcollar accompany belt

From the horse's bridle, a better control of the dog dog chain. The dog's direction of motion is determined by the basic direction, accompanying with headcollar with accompanying by changing the dog head direction to control the behavior of dogs, need only gently, you can prevent the dog gallop ahead. When wearing, pay attention to the button position of the neck should be at the root of the lower jaw, not the throat. When you begin to wear, the dog will not adapt to the rope above the nose. It will be improved more quickly by training slowly.

6. telescopic rope

This is the legendary semi control collar, in fact, the combination of collars and P chains. Control strength and comfort are also somewhere between the two. Choose a suitable necklace for your dog. Stretch rope is divided into large, medium and small dogs, the handle is ergonomic, grip is just good, there are control buttons to determine whether to put a long line, as well as automatically shrink the rope back. The focus of the invention is the strength of the nylon rope, which is thin and resistant to pulling, and the quality of the retractable rope lies in the key. The focus of the purchase is based on the length of the extension you need and the weight of the dog you can bear.

7. collar stop barking device

There are mainly two kinds, one is only Fei collar collar in Adam's apple with discharge device, when the dog barks, collar will naturally produce current, in addition there is a check with a collar barking dog can't stand the smell. These all make dogs feel uncomfortable immediately, and dogs tend to make less barking.

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